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Anna's Random Thoughts

Ponderings From a Twisted Mind

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Gone wrong in the mind tank
22 June 1980
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"Tigger on crack. And that's on a quiet day." --fawsley

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The Dreaded Friending Policy

This journal, for the most part, is f-locked, but I have a very open-minded friending policy. I have been going through a slight LJ-identity crisis since I have friends here from many different fandoms. I tend to keep my fandom-specific squee'ing to the communities, but if you'd like to get to know more about crazy lil' me...feel free to friend. I'll have a quick gander at your LJ and I'll friend you back if I think we have similar interests and the like. The more common interests we have the better! Although, I should say if you're a Booshie, you're automatically Made of Win, so friend away. If I've friended you, I usually try to leave a comment somewhere letting you know why I did.

I love to travel and plan to do so as much as I can. Spent some time in and around San Francisco May '05, New York City in Sept '05, London Nov '06, Sept '07, and Oct '08 (to see The Mighty Boosh LIVE!!).
Fed up with my go no-where job, where I get to be a live-in slave caretaker for a rich family, and fed up with paying for flights back and forth to London...I'm going back to school to become a landscape designer and am moving to London in January 2010 to do it. Originally from Vancouver, I'm currently biding my time in Toronto working for a landscape design firm...getting a UK visa has proved to be a pain in the arse, so I tend to complain about this frequently. Also not being used to Proper Canadian Weather, being from the West Coast an' all, I also tend to complain about the weather here, more than is really necessary.

I don't really do drugs, otherwise I go normal. I end up wandering around going "oh yes, pension plans, very sensible." (Shamelessly stolen from Eddie Izzard).

I am a very slash friendly person, I mainly read other peoples' stuff and occationally rarely post my own fics in various communities.
I'm VERY pro-gay marriage, if you have a problem with someone of any gender, loving someone else of any gender...this is not the LJ you are looking for. Move along, move along.
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Jason Locke is Misunderstood Bad Boy Love

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I'm A Vidder Too!

I've also become addicted to making music vids, you can see them all here on YouTube. I will occationally make them available for downloading on my LJ...Feel free to friend me there too! I love to see what other people create and am happy to help novice vidders.

Many of my icons were made for me by the lovely and talented sarobin. Please don't take any of these ones, thanks!

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